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I am just a girl, Looking for some light in the very dark world I Live in right now.Princess Diana is my Idol, as is Queen Anne Boleyn. I greatly admire Daenarys from GOT and I have a deep love for the written word


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The hands of walt disney #sofreakingcool #disney #waltdisney

The hands of walt disney #sofreakingcool #disney #waltdisney

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Andromeda's Disownment

Your father and I are ashamed and in disbelief at your reprehensible decision to not only associate with mudbloods, but to go off and marry one! You are a disgrace to not only us, but to your sisters and to the  Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. Your disgusting, traitorous actions will not be tolerated. We raised you to be the archetypal pureblood witch and not only have you failed to reach that standard, you have also disgraced what it means to be a pureblood- to be a Black.

You are no longer welcome in our household. We do not allow traitors, harlots or those who associate with mudbloods to remain in our family. You have besmirched the House of Black. You are no daughter of mine.

Do not attempt to contact us.

Druella Black

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Favourite Screen Costumes || Anne’s red marquess outfit (The Tudors [2008]: 2x02 - Tears of Blood)

Costumes by: Joan Bergin

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Reign VS The Tudors *

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Natalie Dormer attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, August 25th, 2014 in LA.

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Someday my pain
Will mark you

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Robert Pattinson, Cannes (2012)

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So Ive caught onto the blind bag and blind box, funko craze…

I already have a Funko Pop Tyrion Lanniser, A funko plushie ariel and I’ve already ordered some Unicorno, Family guy and nightmare before Christmas blind boxes.

Went to walmart tonight hoping for LPS blind bags. Didn’t have any but I did get the last of the My little pony blind bags, some rabid rabbits blind bags and 13 wishes Cleo on Clearance with her play set, which is amazing. But I REALLLLLLLY want Funko Pop Figurines and Tokidoko figurines….GAH


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